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11 Insanely Cool Gadgets That Are Going To Sell Out This Holiday Season

We love these gadgets and we know you will too. 😎

Technology is advancing at an incredible rate. The speed at which technological innovation and advancement is occurring is amazing! Innovative products range from cool tools to health devices and problem-solving gadgets.

We’ve put together some of the most trending products that are going to sell out in 2020. Here’s a list of the best 11 we found.

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11. PhotoStick - Instantly Back Up All Your Videos & Photos

Have you ever had your computer crash only to realize that you’ve lost some of your photos and videos? Or maybe you signed into your cloud backup only to find you’re missing precious photos and videos?

That’s why this neat gadget called the PhotoStick is currently one of the top purchased products worldwide. But don’t just think about getting it for yourself, it makes the perfect gift for anyone who has a slight distrust for computers (think the baby boomer crowd). 

With new computer viruses emerging everyday and hackers gaining access to computers around the world, this is the perfect solution to making sure your photos & videos are protected… It’s the ONLY product of its kind that makes saving up to 60,000 photos and videos painless, and completely hassle free! It’s a small thumb drive that you plug into your Mac or PC. You just open the program and click ‘GO’ and it’ll automatically find all your photos and videos and back them up to the PhotoStick. That’s how simple it is.

You requested and we listened.
1 in 3 smartphone users will lose ALL of their photos and videos from water damage alone!

We all take photos and videos of special moments on our smartphones so we can cherish them forever, but just one wrong move and they could all disappear!

If your smartphone gets lost, stolen, or damaged, could you handle the gut-wrenching feeling of losing all those precious memories? The PhotoStick Mobile solves ALL of that with ONE click!

There is now a PhotoStick available for Smartphones! Both for Android and iOS. Just plug it in and hit “Backup Now” and all your memories are protected immediately!

10. XY Find It - Locate Lost Items With Your Smartphone

Let’s face it, as people get older, they misplace things more often. When you attach this coin-size tracking device to an item and lose the item, you have a way higher chance of getting it back. The accompanying app enlists the network of 53,000 XY Find It users to locate your lost bag, bike or dog. You can also track your lost wallet (or whatever else) yourself.

The XY Find It app displays how far you are from your keys or purse you dropped, and it will sound the alarm to help you pinpoint its exact location. If you realize you left your bag in another location, all other XY Find It users in the network are notified, and when one passes your missing article, you’ll get an update sent to your phone.

What if you can’t find your phone? Use XY Find It to ring it, even if it’s on silent mode, and you’ll find your phone instantly. XY Find It helps you keep your stuff… especially if you a chronically misplace your items (keys/wallet/bike/car/bag).

9. FIXD - Save $1000s on Car Repairs

FIXD is a revolutionary device that instantly diagnoses 7000+ potential issues with your vehicle in real-time. It works with just about any car built after 1996, and it’s super easy to use. Just plug FIXD into your car’s OBD port, sync with your phone, and it will do the rest all by itself.

FIXD puts power back with the car owner. You can now quickly see the severity of car problems and see precisely why the “Check engine light” is on, all in simple to understand terms straight on your smartphone. And the best thing is that mechanics can no longer abuse your lack of car maintenance knowledge. FIXD also gives you oil change and maintenance reminders – so caring for your car has never been easier!

Knowing what’s wrong with your car will help you save $1000s in expensive & unnecessary repairs. Shady car mechanics will no longer be able to trick you or overcharge you anymore. FIXD is like having a car mechanic in your pocket – one that doesn’t rip you off!

8. Xtra PC - Speed Up Your Old Computer With This

If you’re tired of waiting on a slow Windows PC or Mac, then you can try this impressive Xtra-PC USB drive. This extra cool gadget contains a BLAZING FAST operating system built on Linux that can bypass your old, slow operating system when inserted in your computer’s USB port. All you have to do is restart your PC, boot into USB, and you’re set – no technical skills required!

The new operating system maintains the familiar structure of your old one and gives you access to all the files you previously had. Not to mention that it comes with your favorite programs which allow you to browse the web, send & receive emails, listen to music & watch your favorite videos and more!

With Xtra-PC you can do everything you did before, except that on a super fast computer. No wonder that hundreds of thousands have started using Xtra-PC in 2020 to boost their productivity. With Xtra-PC, you feel like you have an entirely new PC at a fraction of the cost! Not to mention that Xtra-PC works even with faulty or missing hard drives, and gives you the opportunity to recover files you thought you had lost forever after a crash. It’s like having your own data recovery team in your pocket.

7. KeySmart - All Your Keys In One Place

Do you have one of those bulky, noisy, messy & painful keychains? If so, then you definitely want to look into KeySmart which allows you to hold all your keys, including your car key fob and many more all in one elegant device! It is the SMART way to store your keys for easy access.

There is a reason why this gadget sold over 2 million units. It lets you attach all your keys in less than 60 seconds, regardless of their size and shape. With it, you can easily find the key you need, it makes no ridiculous jingly noises, and it’s smaller than a pack of gum, weighing just 0.3oz. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go – in your jeans, in your wallet, literally anywhere!

And what’s best about this keychain is that it doesn’t just hold your keys. You can customize it to hold whatever other accessories you need to make your life easier including a 16 GB USB thumb drive, a bottle opener, a nano light, a pocket clip and a quick disconnect link.

6. Peeps Eyeglasses Cleaner - Crystal Clear Vision

Do you wear glasses? If you do, chances are that one of the most annoying things you have to do is clean your glasses repeatedly. And it might seem that the more you rub them with clothes and sprays, the more facial oils smear around and disrupt your vision.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Peeps was developed to solve precisely this problem. Utilising the latest glass cleaning technology (also used by NASA to clean glass in space!), Peeps can give you a crystal clear vision – so clear you won’t even feel like you’re wearing glasses anymore! Peeps uses a unique carbon-cleaning solution that works on all eyeglasses: reading glasses, designer glasses, and even sunglasses. Not to mention that Peeps is so small – you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Peeps also makes a great gift for anyone who is wearing glasses. The gift of a super cool gadget which is actually useful and makes life easier is always highly appreciated!

5. Bondic - Fix Anything With Liquid Plastic

Maybe it’s unfair for me to tell you how much better Bondic is than superglue. It’s about 1000x better, and Bondic isn’t even glue.

Bondic is liquid plastic. It’s solvent-free. And, it doesn’t just stick your things together like glue. It welds them together — without the heat.

And, unlike glue, which dries out in the bottle before you even use it, Bondic stays wet. It also stays wet as you work with it, so you don’t have to rush and stick your fix-it together. (How many times have you done this only to realize that your repair turned out slightly crooked? I have a picture frame that still haunts me.)

You can work with Bondic for as long as you’d like — sticking and resticking your project until you’re happy. If you accidentally use too much or get it on your fingers or work surface, just wash it off and start again. Once you’re happy with your project, set the liquid plastic by shining the UV light from the starter kit on it until it hardens (about 3-4 seconds).

Bondic is so easy and quick to use, I fixed all my broken items on my lunch break.

4. ChargeHubGo - Portable Wireless Phone Charger

Have you ever found yourself with a phone that has 10% battery life and is suddenly about to die – right when you need it most? Who has time to wait around for a charge when you need to make an emergency call right now? NO ONE! That’s why you need ChargeHubGo, the new all-in-one portable charger that’s unrivaled when it comes to versatility and charging speed!

ChargeHubGo is an ultra-slim portable wireless phone charger that slips in your pocket like a phone. It’s built with patented SmartSpeed technology.

This unique charger automatically detects the device you’re charging and provides the maximum charging speed capable. Plus, you can charge not 1, not 2, but FOUR devices all at once! Even better is it has built-in charging cords and a cordless charging pad – so you’re always able to charge anything when you need it most. ChargeHubGo is the only portable powerbank you’ll ever need!

3. Neck Hammock - Relieve Neck Pain In Minutes

Neck pain is a common problem with very few solutions. Whether the pain comes from sitting at a desk, looking at your phone, physical activity, or stress, living with neck pain is…well, a pain!

After raising over $901,058 in crowdfunding, from a start up idea, Neck Hammock quickly became a reality and went viral after celebrities shared pictures of them using it across social media channels.

This new revolutionary gadget was designed by an actual physiotherapist and uses cervical traction to relax tight neck muscles and promote better neck mobility, reducing pain and allowing you to live life again.

2. Dodow - Fall Asleep Faster

This amazing gadget is a sleep-saver! If you have trouble falling asleep, or you know a friend or relative struggling with insomnia, then you must get Dodow. It’s the best thing you can do. Dodow created waves in the market by helping millions fall asleep naturally, without having to resort to toxic pills & OTC drugs – all without any side-effects!

This unique gadget is an all-in-one sleeping solution, which combines the latest research in cognitive behavioral therapy, yoga, and mindfulness with cutting-edge technology to retrain your brain to sleep naturally. In fact, Dodow users fall asleep 2.5x faster. Not to mention that Dodow actually improves your sleep quality, so that you wake up refreshed and ready for the day! And it’s super simple to use.

Dodow is portable, you can take it anywhere, and it will even help you fall asleep when you’re jet-lagged! It can lull you to sleep at any time, anywhere!

And what’s more, you even have a 30-day money back guarantee. Really. How can you go wrong? You either get your sleep back or your money back. In just 30 days. It’s that simple!

1. Kailo - Futuristic Patch Uses Nanotech To Help Relieve Pain

Kailo is a non-invasive patch that’s embedded with billions of tiny nano-capacitors. These nano-capacitors work together like a bio-antenna to naturally relieve pain in seconds. Since this patch uses your body’s natural ability to fight pain, it’s safe, especially for those older than 50. All you do is place the patch on your body when you feel pain, wait a few seconds and get relief.

Some describe a warming sensation, others say the pain gets “quiet”, but for many (including me), the pain just… stops. I had a doctor explain to me how it works and I will try my best to simplify it…

When you experience pain, it’s typically the result of electrical signals being sent from the location of the pain to your brain. The worse the pain, the stronger the signal. Kailo’s nanocapacitors communicate directly with the brain’s electrical system, telling it to “turn down the volume” of the pain signal (like a “bio-antenna”). This allows your brain to send help and reduce pain immediately.

5 BONUS Items (Recently Restocked)

1. ScreenKlean - Clean Your Screen In Seconds

For how often we use our phones, it’s kind of baffling how dirty we let them get. NOT ANYMORE! Using the technology that NASA uses to clean glass in space, ScreenKlean offers the most effective way to keep your phone free of germs and smudges. It’s kind of like a combination of dry cleaning and carbon microfiber tech.

ScreenKlean is unlike typical screen cleaners that mostly smear and smudge instead of actually cleaning your screen. It’s entirely safe and easy to use on all screen devices, making it a great gift for anyone, since everyone has a phone, tablet, or laptop! Smudges and fingerprints will be gone instantly.

ScreenKlean just came back in stock recently,  so get it while you still can!

2. FitTrack - Reach Your Health & Fitness Goals 8X Faster

This amazing fitness device is a life-changer! If you have trouble sticking to your goals and resolutions, then you have to get FitTrack. It’s the best thing you can do this fall.

FitTrack created waves in the market ever since its launch (in late 2019) by helping over 140,000 people keep track of their health and fitness goals.

This unique device is an all-in-one fitness tracking solution. It combines all the latest technology to boost your health. FitTrack users are 8X more likely to stick to their goals as compared to when using a regular weight scale. Not to mention that FitTrack actually gamifies the whole process of your health routine! And it’s so easy to use.

3. Aculief - Treat Headaches & Migraines Naturally

Aculief is a patented, award-winning device that provides drug-free headache and migraine relief – FAST!

What would your life be like if you could stop your headaches in just minutes, but naturally? Almost like a magic power, the Aculief stops your headaches in as little as one minute without a single pill, wire, or doctor’s visit!!

This seamless wearable device combines the benefits of ancient acupressure science with the modern-day instant gratification we all want. It just slips right onto your hand (no matter what size) and lets you go about your day as normal.

It works by applying pressure to the LI4 pressure point (located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger), which has been used for thousands of years to treat headaches and provide tension relief.

It’s doctor-approved and recommended for effective self-treatment.

4. GoDonut - Best Way To Balance All Of Your Devices

With over 500,000 units sold, GoDonut is the world’s most portable and universal stand for phones and tablets.

The deceptively simple and patented design allows you to comfortably use your device no matter where you are or what you’re doing for a truly hands-free experience. Because of how brilliant this simple product really is, it won the CES (consumer electronic show) best product design for two years.

Now you can finally enjoy your phone and tablets without the burden of holding, propping, or breaking them. Use the GoDonut perfectly prop your device to chat with friends and family, watch movies or read, or just keep it sitting up and off of dirty surfaces.

5. Soul Insole - Award Winning Shoe Insert To Alleviate Pressure

Foot pain is no joke. Soul Insole is a small-sized solution with a big impact. The inserts slip easily into any type of shoe without needing to trim them like typical insoles. And then they relieve your pain in seconds!

Based on actual customer reviews, these provide instant comfort. Many compare it to walking on clouds, even those who typically suffer from foot pain-related conditions.

Why It Works? The high-performance memory gel and biomechanical design redistribute pressure evenly across the foot to relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. The soft support helps train your foot to strengthen its natural arch without causing the foot to become reliant on support.